Good starting point for Electrologist?

I wanted to know if the treatment hours seen here are good indications for a competent electrologist? Obviously, I’d go in for a sample treatment, however, is this a good starting point?


While it seems they’ve used a range of machines, I didn’t see what the website said their clinic uses. It sounds like they have a lot of experience, and the prices are reasonable. I think its as good a starting point as any :slight_smile:

Read up on electrolysis a bit before you go - make sure you’re well hydrated - see how comfortable they can get you, and see how your skin is post treatment. Goodluck.

The first lesson I learned with electrolysis is this “Never judge an electrologist by the claims they make on their webpage or by the number of hours they claim to have completed on clients”

The only true way to see if this place is a good “starting point?”

Make an appointment, ask a lot of questions, (a skilled electrologist knows what she is doing and you can tell), keep your eyes wide open about hygiene and infection control, and - more than anything else - make sure that the electrologist listens.

There is nothing worse than an electrologist who will not listen.

When I started electrolysis, my first electrologist in New Jersey would not let me get in a word about my after care. When I told her that I was getting scabs, she brushed it off. Scabs may be common, but you want an electrologist who will listen to your concerns and help you address them.

Even if they have 10,000 hours of experience listed on their website, they might still be deaf as a post.

So be careful about claims of hours on websites.

Go there yourself.

Get a recommendation.

If (for others) you are in the US and you are in one of the bigger states (like in the North East or the MidWest or the West Coast), then you will likely have a good electrologist within driving distance.

I think I tried about 7 electrologists. 3 of them were great - all using the Apilus (for some reason it’s quite popular these days), and I must tell you, they did (and continue to do) great work on me. The strange thing is that I used to cross state lines to see them, even flying at one point.

The point of this rambling story : make an appointment and see if the electrologist is really worth it.

Do they listen to you?
Do they follow infection control?
Are they perpetuating some myths about electrolysis e.g. thermolysis has a 95% regrowth rate while blend has a 5% regrowth rate (I heard that one from my first electrologist)
Do they talk to you about aftercare?


Good luck.

A good electrologist is hard to find, but if you do find one, you will be delighted…