Good relatively inexpensive exfoliating skin lotions ...

Just thought I’d pass this on:

I’ve been using lotions with glycolic acid to help exfoliate treated areas - both to help clear the skin up of hyperpigmentation (from electrolysis) and help prevent ingrowns.

The first is NeoStrata Lotion Plus that I have been using on the legs. It’s 15% glycolic acid - strong stuff but just the ticket for up to twice a day application (but you should start off easy to see if you can tolerate it). It’s relatively cheap too - $18/6.8 oz. bottle.

Here is one place to get it:

Another product with a gentler concentration of glycolic acid I have been using on the bikini and underarm area is

Mark’s The Body Squad Butt Fixing Cream (an Avon brand).

Good stuff, reasonably priced at $8/4 oz tube, and it seems to last forever.

You can save even more money by googling “skinstore coupons” or “mark coupons” or “avon coupons” and rustle up at the very minimum free shipping or 10% off (or similar).

If you find anything cheaper, let me know.

I ordered and tried NeoStrata Lotion Plus from your link and can’t believe how good it works! I shave my butt and have always had bumps and now don’t have hardly any after a week of using this stuff. Thanks for the info!!

Do you have any idea what the concentration of glycolic acid is the Mark’s The Body Squad Butt Fixing Cream? It’s quite a bit cheaper and I was thinking of getting some of it, but want to know how much less glycolic acid it has.


trimmed, i’m sorry i don’t know but it seems to be weaker than 15%. i’l have to find out.

be careful not to let any glycolic acid seep into the peri-anal area - it can cause major irritation to those sensitive tissues which you won’t necessarily feel.


Do you have any experience using Tend Skin or the home brew version of it? I’m thinking about using the home brew version on my butt after shaving instead of the NeoStrata Lotion Plus since it’s so expensive. If the home brewed Tend Skin will work as well, I could save tons of money.

From what I’ve read on this forum, it seems the Tend Skin should be spot applied with a swab to bumps and ingrowns. I would just like to apply it over my entire butt just like I do with the NeoStrata Lotion Plus using a latex glove, but don’t know if this would be safe for my butt or not.


Trimmed, I do use tendskin from time to time and it works, but can be rather harsh on the skin if used daily. I have not tried the home-brewed version, but if it works, why not?

I would just be careful applying it all at once…try a spot to see is your skin will tolerate it first. And be sure you’re not allergic to aspirin.