Good product for relieving irritation from shaving

Skin Relief Treatment

I don’t know if this product has been posted before but i shave my face and head regularly and have found this product very helpful for relieving after affects and irritation associated with shaving. You can also order a pump spray attachment for applying the liquid to your body after shaving your body hair.

Very similar to Tend Skin, so it should work pretty good. I would be careful putting it on your head though. If you apply to much it may cause exfoliation (peeling). The price appears to be in the same ballpark as Tend Skin.


Actually my head will peel if i dont apply it (especially in the winter) Its alcohol free so peeling should not be a problem for anybody, it actually hydrates the skin. From what I’ve heard tend skin contains alot of alcohol and defeats the purpose of soothing the skin after shaving.