Good practitioner?

Hi every one

I have had problem with unwanted hair for long time and now after running to this site I have decided to go ahead and try laser hair removal,

I would be extremely happy even if laser reduces my unwanted hair to some degree or make them less visible and softer.
I am planning to do it on my legs (thighs and calves).
I have dark and coarse hairs and now I am using Braun epilator which helps ,But since hairs are in different growth phase then the reality is that there is no time that I am hairless.

Any way my skin is not very fair and not very dark.I get sunburn and redness after being exposed to sun and after 1 or 2 dats it gets little darker.
I have Italian back ground so you may get an Idead what I mean.
I am looking for a good and experienced doctor in new Jersey or Pensylvania to do laser for me.

I would like to know how much it cost ( any rough estimate?)

Sounds like you have realistic expectations.

I’d check with your doctor and local dermatologists for someone who might be able to help you.