Good OR Bad???

hi everyone… after much thought and a lot of helpful hints from this forum… i finally made the first step to try electrolysis… oh my god i am so nervous about it… all i did really was call this one place and so i would appreciate anyone’s input.

The place is an electrolysis school, so students will be doing the procedure. (i am a bit iffy about this)… but i was told that there is always a senior teacher in the room the whole time. (like they have any control over the needle!)…


they go by the hour and they charge 18$ per hour!! (thats cheap!), 12$ per half-hour!

they use two different equipment and they are “Fisher” and “silohette” (spelling???)… both of which i dont hear much about before <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

I asked about success rates and all that and the secretary told me that even after the students are done the school, they come back to the clinic as patients to get treatments.

They have been in business for about 25 years and told me they currently have around 700 clients.

I also asked how many treatments i would need to be hair free and how often i need to get treatments… and she said (depending on hair etc), most ppl need from 20 to 15 treatments (sounds much??)… and she said i would have to come in like once a week/once every two weeks if i wanted to get good results.

thats about all for now…but i am not going in until i call other places…

james, andrea… anyone, i would love your input on this.

thanks so much,

p.s. i want to do my underarms and chin (MAYBE…if the underarms go well)… i figure i can hide my underarms better than my chin (if something were to go wrong <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> )… plus i got black somewhat thick hair in the underarms.

Rachelle; When I was getting my hair removed I often used a school in Long Beach, Calif. It wasn’t because I didn’t have the money to go elsewhere; but because I could get an appointment the last minute and I could even go without an appointment. I also could get two operators to work on me at the same time. The only problem you have with the school is that most operators are very slow compared to one that has been in practice for a period of time. I think starting with the underarms is an excellent idea. As a male I was hesitant in having it done;but I now wish I had removed it at 16. I am convinced that if men could forget their macho image for a moment and try waxing their underarms just once,they would never let the hair grow again and electrolysis would be their ultimate solution. Let us know how your underarm treatment goes.

Hi. Do you know the name of the school in long beach?

I live in long beach and right now using Regina from Final Touch Electrology. So far no complaints.

The school is the American School of Electrology. It is located at 4204 Atlantic Blvd. Long Beach. The phone # is (562)595-9091. They are closed Mondays and Thursdays to the public.Hope this helps.