Good Laser Hair Removal Places in Dallas?

Can anyone recommend a good laser hair removal place in Dallas? I would prefer a doctor, but I will go to one of the big name laser places. I’m a male to female transsexual and need lots of body hair removed. My skin is light, and my hair is brown.


There are many HR places in DFW. In your case, wanting 100% removal (I assume), you can begin with laser and then complete with electro. For LHR, I have been going to the chains since I they are less expensive (better package deals) and (I think) equally effective with the right equipment. I have found both Smooth Solutions (Alexandrite) and Laser Perfect (Diode) to be good for me. However, I have only just had a maximum of 5 treatments, so I cannot make any long-term conclusions, but I do have hair reduction on face and underarms (Alex). The face will be the biggest challenge as it is sooo visable, gets patchy results, and the hair is so tough! For back and groin (Diode), I just started, so no results yet…

Do your consults, get written price quotes, ask for discounts, wait for sales, show competitors quotes to each provider,… and you can get great prices in DFW.

I’m sure you know about Electroly2000 that specializes in M2F; they are $100/hr, but (I hear) they are excellent and effective. Folks fly into town to get marathon sessions there (its cheaper and better they say).

BTW, Your account is not accepting PMs, so I can’t respond privately. Change it, PM me again, and I can fill you in on more details…

Thanks! I don’t know why my account won’t accept private messages, but I’ll see if I can fix it. I’m looking at Advanced Skin Fitness right now; they’re right down the street from me, gay-owned, and claim to be “transgender friendly.” I’ve had almost all of my facial hair removed with electrolysis ( I just go in for touch-ups now) since I didn’t want to take the risk of it all growing back if I used laser. I only have body hair to work on now, and even that is much finer post-surgery. It’s mainly chest and stomach hair that I need removed, and I hear laser is pretty good at this.