Good healthy rational thought processing

Here’s what floats through my head all day

Why is it that I’m the only one in my family who’s this hairy? I mean what happened to the gene pool here?

Why is it that I have friends who’s dads are so hairy they make my dad look like an Abercrombie and Fitch model - yet I’m twice the hairiness that they are?

Why is that although I’m fortunate enough to be better looking than basically all my hairless friends they all get dates while I’m always single?

How come I’ve got buddies who have twice the hair that I do on the forearms and twice the leg hair that I have yet their chests, backs, and shoulders are completely smooth?

Why do people tell me that it’s not a big deal? I’m writing this at 5 in the morning because I can’t sleep because I’m thinking about hair!

Why is it that on the internet you can find message boards about guys who absolutely love body hair on a woman but the only people in this world that like hairy guys are gay?

Why did all my friends hit puberty before me and used to comment on how I had very little hair on my legs and face YET JUST 2-3 YEARS LATER I’M HAIRIER THAN ALL OF THEM COMBINED?

Why did God give me a handsome face and a toned body and make me feel great about myself up until the age of 17 or so and then completely torture me by slowly turning me into a grizzly bear right before my eyes as my wits, self-esteem and confidence completely vanish? Does he enjoy watching me squirm? Is this supposed to make me mentally tough because it’s not sometimes I want to get a tent and go live out in the woods behind my house like a hermit and never talk to people and just live off the land like an Indian or something. I’d have to keep a shirt on so that hunters wouldn’t shoot at me mistaking me for some furry bear.

Why can’t I enjoy the beach? WE ALL DESERVE TO ENJOY THE BEACH!

Why do I shave every morning yet halfway through the day someone touches my face and says “hey buddy, ya oughta shave.” ?

Why do people say “hey guys are supposed to be hairy.” Am I supposed to feel better?

Why do people say “hey it could be worse”? Really? So if you went to Iraq and got your legs blown off I’m supposed to say “hey ya got your arms don’t ya?” Right.

Why is it that I could date pretty much any girl in school until I showed up at a pool party?

Why is it that it’s totally okay to make fun of an insecure hairy guy but making fun of an insecure girl with weight problems is a social sin?

Why do I get so tired of my parents say “why don’t you ever date your a very good looking boy.”

Why do I feel so alone?

Why does my mom say “the other guys will catch up some day.”? No mom. No. Try again. Is that what you tell the fat kid? “Yeah, we’re all fat someday.” Nope.

How come my friends don’t understand why I never go swimming?

Well I’m going back to bed I apologize for all this.

Ok I guess I’m not going to bed.

Why does my dad say “be proud of your back hair it’s manly”? I don’t even respond to that one anymore.

Why do I hate hate hate the saying “eat it, it’ll put hair on your chest.” If I somehow was a nutrition expert and I figured out which foods made people hairy I would avoid them like the plague. I’m telling you - I’m obsessed with this hair thing.

Why does this one message board lady tell me that I probably drink too much pop? She says “1 coke is enough for the whole days carbs.” If that were true all my friends would be hairy. No that’s an exageration. If that were true they’d all be monkeys. Do you expect me to stop drinking pop and then analyze my shoulder hair every two weeks? Yeah I’ll get right on that one thanks.

Why do guys complain about being bald? OH DEAR MY HAIR’S THINNING. People - just shave your head. It looks cool. Back hair is not cool. Shaved heads can be cool. See how I lose either way?Really. That’s how bad my attitude is now.

Ok i’m really going now. Again sorry.

Man do I ever hear you on this! My Dad has not a bit of hair on his back plus he’s blond so his body hair isn’t nearly as noticeable. I guess I lucked out (sorta but not really) in that I at least got to about 25 years old before the back hair started coming in. Since it started out as just a little bit I became compulsive about keeping it shaved. After a few years though, it became all to apparent that I truly had a hairy back. Didn’t stop me from shaving though. Thank goodness for being flexible! To this day nobody knows about my back. Unfortunatley I feel like current popular culture has played a huge role and how guys like us feel about our body hair. The hairless look is now in, from A&F catalogs to Reality TV, not a stitch of hair. Not even chest hair!

The good news is that about a year ago I got started with electrology and I now have very little hair on my back. Enough is gone that you can’t even see that dark shadow that the hair causes anymore. In about 2 weeks I’m going for a clean up and I expect to look even better when thats done.

So hang in there, there is hope.


Oh ya, I can guess what message board you got the soda comment from. What a bunch of BS!

The relation between sugar and hairiness isn’t BS. It’s been known for years that some diabetics grow WAY more hair than other people. (Bearded ladies at the circus were commonly bearded diabetics.) and now they are proving that sensitizing the body to insulin with medicines helps decrease hair growth in non-diabetics as much as anti-androgenic drugs.

So, cutting back on the sugar makes sense. Will it really help your hair? Well, you won’t know until you try. Either way, that much sugar isn’t good for you.

Esau, you obviously ARE obsessed by your hair. While your hair may or may not be “normal”, your preoccupation with it is what is making it REALLY bad. The best way to deal with this obsession is to get rid of the hair. Asking “WHY” won’t make it better.

Have you seen an M.D.? Have you ever seen a counsellor or psychologist? Have you ever been diagnosed with depression or anxiety disorder?

If you can’t take steps to remove the hair you need to take steps to feel better about yourself, no matter how you look.

Big difference between drinking a can of soda and being diabetic.

Esau When I read your post it’s like I would be reading my life. Up until 17 my life was great after that it all went to hell.Hair killed my life

Esau said he drinks a lot more than one can of soda. (No, I’m not saying not drinking Coke will help his hairiness but a healthy diet probably will.)Besides, Coke is terrible for your health. It has absolutely no place in a healthy balanced diet.

Esau, hair can’t ruin your life if you don’t let it. It’s up to you.

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Hehe well I am 34 and slowly thinning out at top and of course wish I had a lovely mane to run mousse through <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Buzzing it all off was HARD and I hated it but I did it and it look better. Now back to the subject. You have lots of company. Body hair is something I obsessed over when I was young too, wishing that if I thought about it long enough my hair would disappear! Actually now that I am older, I think that closely trimmed back hair looks ok, even oddly good. And there are lots of men with back hair. Go on a rafting trip where lots of guys have no shirts. Most don’t look like A&F material yet they have wives and girlfriends, sure they had things to overcome like needing to have a personality instead of relying on pretty boy looks to get a date. I know hair is just one more thing on top of the pile of crap you are already dealing with as a teenager. You have options, like waxing or nair that you could try. Or even just shave it once and see how it looks

Remember that it’s possible to get too focused on unwanted hair as the source of your problems. There’s a difference between saying, “I think I’ll feel better about myself if I change this”, versus “my life will be different after I do this.”

Don’t overvalue hair removal in terms of changing other things in your life. If you are generally unhappy before hair removal, you will probably be that way after. Hair removal can make many of us happier and give a sense of relief, but it’s probably not going to change your love life, or your employment status, or your general outlook. You’ll need to look elsewhere if you want to fix those.

It’s hard to be rational about stuff like this, because you can’t separate the emotional aspects. Just remember that much of it is based on self-perception, and others are probably not as aware of the thing that bothers you as you are. Easier said than done, I know!