Good for a while...

But I’ve gone back to shaving.

I bought one of the Braun epilators hoping to spend less time on hair removal, coz I was sick of shaving my legs every day. Ended up having to epilate every day unless wearing long pants - which is a much longer process!

Sick of being human - is there a method to transform oneself into a cat where hair (or fur) is actually desirable?

What has made epilating undesirable for me at the moment is that I have permanent spots (red irritations plus dark ones - broken hairs?) plus increasing amounts of ingrown hair. So it’s ended up not really useful to me. Did seem to interrupt hair cycle though - not all hair growing back at once…

I had epilated (almost daily) my legs for at least six months, back to shaving for a few weeks now - but desperately looking for an alternative. Found this forum looking at laser treatments - but not sure if I’m that game. Will try some of the home remedies like the salt recipe and soy milk, and if I find Tend skin before actually contacting places with the lethal technology.

Has anyone discovered a purpose for body hair yet (other than the trapping of sweat)? Could there be a reason to convince me to not look for more permanent removal?

And how long should I expect to wait to get a password to enter the adult forum? Hours, days or weeks? Impatient - want all the info at once! Thanks for the great forum - starting to feel like I’m not the only hairy freak in the world - since none of my friends express any problems, and I’m the hairiest one out of us…

I combine rotary epilators with shaving on my legs. I’ll epilate every 2 to 4 weeks, then shave in between. I agree that epilators are probably too time consuming, since it takes me about an hour to do both legs when I sit down to do them.

The redness and ingrowns are also a problem for many. There are some great tips here, but some people get discoloration around the hair follicles from epilating, especially if they go out in the sun.

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