Good electrologists in AZ?

Hey, thanks to everyone who responded in the other post. I have decided to go ahead with electrolysis. Since I am starting a little “on the side” job on weekends, I will have enough money to help my mom pay if she suddenly gets mad or something.Anyway, is anyone here from Arizona, or know of any good electrologists in Arizona? In the other post, someone mentioned a school…Is it safe to get it done at a school, and where is it? Although we are tight on money, my mom said we will go to a nice, professional place (obviously) where as long as they do a good job, she doesn’t care if it is a little expensive. Thanks!

The following is my personal opinion about going to an electrology school,Violet. I would not want a student working on my face, upper lip especially. Body work would be fine, though. You want someone with experience working on such a delicate area with small hairs. Keep those first sessions short so you and your Mom can judge how well you are healing.