Good electrologist in Memphis

Just passing along the info-- I’ve been seeing an electrologist at Advanced Electrolysis who’s fantasic! The results have been great so far with very, very minor irritation and no scabbing. Advanced Electrolysis has a four or five electrologists, though, and I can’t speak for all of them.

The tel is 901-767-8282. I believe they have clients from all over the Mid-South.

You mention no scabbing. Is the absence of scabs (technically “eschars”) as sign of good treatment? I have always thought they were a common and natural part of the healing process. I usually get them 3 to 4 days after a treatment as that is the amount of time it takes the treated (and damaged) cells to reach the skin surface. Comments anyone?

Not all Electrolysis scabs are eschars, some are just scabs no different than what you get from skinning your knee.

Although the existance of scabs and eschars are not indicative of having bad treatment (unless you get that on ALL follicles treated) and the lack of scabs and eschars doesn’t prove better treatment either (plucking doesn’t cause either, yet it doesn’t provide permanent hair removal either).

Good treatment is that which provides permanent hair removal at a pace that is capable of clearing you in a reasonable amount of time with the least amount of negative side effects, no matter how temporary. Lastly, the only permanent side effect of good electrology is abscense of hair in the treated area.