Good Electrologist in Dallas?

Can anyone recommend a good electrologist in Dallas (besides Electrology 2000) for transgender related hair removal? The lady that had cleared most of my face has retired, and I need to find someone new. I also need a few other areas worked on. Any advice or recommendations would be very much appreciated.


Is Austin Texas or Houston Texas too far for you to travel?

Austin is about a three hour drive, so I would have to go in for marathon sessions. I actually found someone here in Dallas that I’m looking at. She has very good training, uses the best sterilization and after care I have ever seen, and offers topical anesthesia at no charge. If you know of someone good is Austin, though, let me know.

The only CPE’s that I know of that are in Austin are Nancy Metzger and Bette Pritchett. I’ve never talked to Metzger but I have had a consultation with Ms. Pritchett and whenever I begin my work I imagine I’ll go to her. She is extremely knowledgeable, very professional, and a nice lady.


I am not from Dallas, but just wanted to say shop around a bit in your area. Most electrolygists would not be against working on transgendered patients.

I recently told my electrolygist of 2 years, since I went full time a month ago. She was great about it. No problem whatsoever. We just had to change the name on my file, that’s all.