Good electrologist in/close to Belgium (Hainaut)?

About a year ago I had a “full pass” done at 2pass clinic in antwerp, but it wasn’t a good experience and I’d been told on here I got overtreated and advised to avoid 2pass. I was recommended Dr Beate Ritzert in germany (about 5 hours away), and I was wondering if this would still be the go to?

It would. Beate is terrific. I remember your case well. 2pass came and complained to me afterwards. I hope your skin condition has improved. I’d love to take a look if you think it has. The original thread is still here somewhere, but I dont recall the title. Often we find theres not an ending to the story from the client perspective. I’d love to know if the issues we saw then, have resolved and by how much.This can really help others who may have similar experiences.

Over the years, I took 16 trips to the Netherlands training electrologsts and working with three different manufacturers. I only recommend electrologists when I know their work and see it myself, in person

At the moment, probably all my students have retired … maybe Jana v.d.Landen in Woerden is still in practice … or Draha in Amsterdam? I still talk to Jana and she often visits me. Your best bet might be to contact the ANBOS (in Den Haag) for a recommendation. Of course, they will mostly give you names I suppose? I also trained Ermtraud Feyen in Koeln (Cologne) and that might be closer for you. Ermi is a very good electrologists and a lovely person.

If you can find her … try “Timmy Marcus” in Zwolle. Timmy had an amazing program that trained electrologists to the “masters” level; VERY advanced, indeed. (Her husband is a physician). Of course you may contact me personally on my private email:

I’m pretty sure I’m pretty sure I have some scarring on the chin, like, when I tense up my chin it gets all ugly looking lol, it’s also generally redder than the rest of my face, it’s barely noticeable but it’s there :confused:
And when shining a light against it you can see pitting(?) also.

2Pass complained to you? How so?

Apparently Beate is booked until next year, hopefully I’ll be able to get an appointment then!

-2pass doesnt like word of their less than successful treatments being discussed. They’ve come here asking a couple times to have picture , not even posted by us but by the consumer, removed and gotten quite upset when our site links to there. I actually thought your was another case I had related to 2pass, and it was that one they complained to me about, not yours.It matters not a lot, because consumers can post what pictures they like of themselves, and we do nothing wrong by maintaining links on hairtell that they have placed here, especially if the pictures are hosted elsewhere.

If you take some closeup pictures of the places you think scarring has occurred , we should be able to tell you a fair bit and give suggestions on healing measures or measures to reduce the appearance of imperfections. Usually this is via fractional laser treatments or microneedling performed though a qualified dermatologist. It’s not a complete cure, but it can help. Mike Bono from here is especially good at evaluating damage to skin.

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