Good electric razor??

Hi, I am looking to buy a good electric razor that will both minimize irritation and give me a close shave.
The problem I currently have is my skin is very easily irritated by manual razors. This is mainly a problem when I attempt to shave my back (I get a ton of bumps that last for weeks).
Do you think an electric razor would work well for this purpose? I have light skin and dark fairly coarse hairs so I am worried that it will not cut close enough and leave visible stubble. I am also worried that the irritation will not be reduced enough for me to spend the big bucks on a decent electric.
If anyone could give me some recommendations of a razor or tell me if they don’t think it will serve me well I would appreciate it.

The Braun Activator should give you good close shave with little or no irritation. It is my favorite electric.

If you have problems due to the coarse hair, you should consider at least two laser treatments to cut down on the hair. Some of it will be removed permanently and the remaining hair most will likely be finer, causing less irritation and better results from shaving.