Good deal? Silhouette Tone Sequentium VMC or 328

So I was offered the chance to purchase presumably lightly used “floor models” but the price seems a bit steep for the age of the machine even in pristine condition. I have read elsewhere that Silhouette Tone isn’t servicing these units any longer.
The price I was offered was $2000 for the VMC and $1275 for the 328. Is either of these a good deal and if so which is the better deal and why?
Any feed back would be appreciated. I’ve also been considering a new Sterex Stereblend unit and a uniprobe EP200.
I’d be truly grateful for any help and advice.

$2000 is not unreasonable for a VMC. They carry a high price and are pretty reliable.

I own / owned 2 VMC’s. I sold one for $2,000, 12 years ago, and I still own the other. I don’t use the other VMC. It’s my backup, which I have never had to use as a backup. I do think that price might be a little too high for an epilator that can no longer be serviced. If it works well for a long while, then it is worth $2,000. It was always a reliable epilator, if that helps to know.

Do you think I’d be better off with a VMC, nearly new condition, but old and no longer serviced by manufacturer or a new Sterex Stereblend which is much less sophisticated but is new and with a warranty? I’ve already wasted around 4 or $500 on an Illuminage Touch that was worthless for my skin and hair color.

Probably new with a warranty,but the VMC is a super nice epilator.