Going to Electrolysis and i had some questions

so i know it will take multiple sessions, but if i had enough time to have all the hair removed in one session, would all of those folicles be dead? like all the folicles that had produced the hair that i saw at the present time, will those folicles be dead and those hairs fall out and not come back?
i know that it will take multiple times, and i know that not ever folicle is visible all the time, but my question is will all the hairs that are treated - will those folicles be dead? as in all the hair that gets treated, will not grow back?

does that make sense, haha

Hi Tom:

I believe that the ones to be killed would be those in the growth stage. Then again the kill rate of those is not 100 percent either.

The more you can get a full clearance, and stick to the proper intervals, the greater the success rate.

This is probably oversimplified and one of the electrolygists here can explain it better.

What area are you getting done? For me it is the face, jawline and frontal neck area. I am getting to the point of being happy, but it took some time and patience.


When you start treatment, the hair in your treatment area can be anywhere from 20% to 80% in growth phase. Those are the only hairs that can reasonably be expected to be gone and gone for good. Now on the hairs that can be treated, the electrologist’s effectiveness for insertion and treatment energy will dictate the percentage kill rate on hairs that could be killed at that time.

Let’s assume that you start with 80% hairs in growth phase, and your electrologist has an 80% kill rate on growing hairs, this means that of all the hairs you remove the first day 64% are gone and gone for good! (In the case of 20% in growth phase, 16% would be gone and gone for good based on our model) The key here is to keep in mind that if you stay on schedule, and never let hairs leave the growth phase after your first clearance, you will have even better results the rest of the way.

In your clearances after first clearance, if you have stayed on schedule, you have 100% hairs in growth phase. If your electrologist has an 80% kill rate then 80% of the hairs treated after the first clearance are gone and gone for good! It is possible in this stage of the treatment to have 100% effectiveness, whereas it is not possible to have 100% effectiveness on all hairs in a first clearance because you never have 100% available hairs in a first clearance.

If you live near enough to your electrologist, it is possible to get to first clearance, and keep the hair at bay so that no one knows you have hair but you and your electrologist once you get to first clearance, assuming you are working on an area that your electrologist can clear from start to finish in a week to 3 weeks each time. This is where being able to get large volumes of work done in short periods of time in the beginning will lead to short appointments in the end stage and quicker project completion times.

Now to expand a little on the subject of modalities:

If we assume 100% kill rate for straight Galvanic, and about 90% for Blend, and we agree to short change Thermolysis with a kill rate of 50% (your practitioner should be better than that, all the way up to the 80 - 90% range) we then can get the following breakdown of treatment results.

Galvanic = 1 hair per minute, or more (it can take more than one minute to treat one hair) so at the end of an hour, it doesn’t matter if it is single needle, or multiple needle work, 60 to 100 hairs per hour is what can be expected, with a kill rate near 100% on hairs in growth phase

Blend = 3 or 4 hairs per minute with a kill rate near 90% on hairs in growing phase. That gives us 180 to 240 hairs per hour removed in Blend per hour with a high kill rate.

Thermolysis = 5 to 10 hairs per minute in most shops and can be faster than that! Although it is possible to exceed 80% kill rate in thermolysis, if we short change it at 50% kill rate, we still get 300 to 600 hairs removed per hour, and between 150 to 300 hairs that will never come back. If your practitioner is better than 50% (and good ones are) you could expect to have 240 to 480 of those hairs never come back if they all are in growth phase. Even the ones that are not in proper phase are at least treated, and removed from your face.

So you see, even granting Galvanic an exaggerated efficacy of 100% Thermolysis still beats Galvanic on number of hairs permanently removed per hour, and edges out Blend, while cosmetically removing even more hairs.

Thank you guys so much for your information. i am planning on doing my chest Stomach and upper back area. im going to start with just my chest so i can see how it goes before i spend alot of money. if i do have success with those 3 areas than i might think of getting my behind done as well. but well see how it goes! thanks again guys!

You are welcome, please keep us posted on your progress.

Also, reread my post above, as I have added to it.

Thanks again James, u seem to know ur stuff! haha hopefully my electrolosist is good! im going to start out on my chest and if i like how it is going do my stomach upper sholders buttocs and maybe underarms… not all at the same time, one at a time so i can get more done per hour and hopefully. when i am getting my chest done i am going to keep waxing my stomach and upper shoulders so that i dont become hairy again. im hoping that i can get my chest totally taken care of by the end of the summer before i go back to school in Ashland so that i dont have to change practitioners mid way through my treatment, but well see how it goes. ill put pictures up as soon as i start going!

Tom: Be sure to post a “before” picture for each area before work is started in that area.Also,if you remember,try to keep track of the number of hours each area took to clear.I am glad you decided to do your underarms. You will be most happy with the results.

okay i just went to an electrologist for a free trial. it was pretty cool she worked on me for 10 minutes for free so i could get an idea of it all. so she cleard one spot alittle bigger than the size of a nipple in 10 minutes. it kinda hurt but not too bad, i could see how after an hour it would get bad, some hairs hurt more than others which i though was wierd. so i was curious if this was a good speed for removal? and also she charges 64 bucks an hour, is that a reasonable price?
please let me know if shes a good choice.

IMHO, $64 per hour is very reasonable. Some hairs will hur more than others, that is normal. Some hairs will be in different growth states, and some follicles are deeper than others. These and other factors will affect the pain level.


okay cool thanks for the heads up! alright i shall make the appointment than