going in circles.

hey all.
about a year ago i was having laser sessions on chin, upper lip, and side burns. saw great results but couldn’t continue, i didn’t have the funds. for almost a year i wasn’t doing laser or electrolysis. i was doing electrolysis before laser but because i needed my whole face done basically, i opted for laser to remove the bulk of the dark and coarse hair. after my laser treatments and not being able to continue and not wanting to go through electrolysis again, i pretty much started shaving and plucking the hairs which has now brought me back to square one… my fault, i know. just recently i started having electrolysis sessions again (just on upper lip), and i’m wondering if i should get laser again to speed up this process and continue with electrolysis for the lighter hairs. has anyone combined the two back to back and seen faster results in this awful hair removal process? i feel like all this cause is having no effect and i’m stuck on what to do. any advice would be great.

Are you male or female? Can you post photos? How much of the hair is actually coarse and dense? That’s the only hair that laser will work on.

i am female. the hair is coarse and dense enough to respond to a few laser treatments. the upper lip and chin isn’t nearly as coarse/dense as the side burn area is.

Can you please post photos? “Course” is relative. It has to be course like men’s beards. For most women, laser is not a good option on these areas as it can actually induce MORE growth.