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Hi Everyone,
I am a 30yr old female and I have had hair on my face for the last 12 years… I shave daily and I have decided to go for a laser consultation. My question is… I have been reading that it takes weeks for the treated hairs to fall out… Ive also read that shaving is not recommended during that time period… How am I suppose to cover up so to speak… the only thing that works is shaving… I have a life to live, work etc… I cant walk around with hair all over my face…Im very worried about that.
Also, what is the price range for work like I will need… I have hair on my cheeks, chin and neck… It is not as full as a mans beard…but there is alot, its also a bit scatered. Im very worried about getting this done, I want to do it because I cant live like this anymore but im afraid of how my skin will react… I have done a good job of hiding it from the people around me until a man I am seeing now noticed some of it… He wants to help me pay for it and I appreciate that so much, im just afraid I will be found out by everyone now…


Dear needhelp,
You have found the right place. Regarding the shaving, I do my treatments on Thursday evenings, so that I only really need to shave on Monday, and look a little ratty on Friday evening. My Dr. wants me shave just before treatment, so that is my recommendation re timing. This site is full of great info re which laser to use and whatnot. I, too was terrified of permanent disfiguring before my treatment, but am delighted now and more relaxed. Best of luck. Deane


Hi Deanne…
Thanks for your response… You only have to shave on Mondays?? I shave every morning and if I have somewhere to go I have to shave again in the evenings… LOL there is no way I can skip a day… how many treatments have you gone for so far and how has it worked… btw, do you have the same type of situation I do? Boy, I hope this works… I need to start my life, im 30 and there is so many things I want to do and this problem has held me back…


If you choose a good experienced practitioner and get a test patch done, you will greatly reduce the chances of side effects like discoloration.

For those with light skin and a lot of dark hair, a series of laser treamtnets followed by electrolysis to get the stragglers can lead to permanent results.

It can be painful and time consumering, but it’s great for those of us who are self conscious about our facial hair. I feel so much better now!


My tips for choosing a laser practitioner (includes a form to take with you):

Hairfacts: choosing a laser practitioner


With the Apogee and Lightsheer lasers they just recommend waiting 2-3 days after the treatment to start shaving again. I have never heard of having to wait a week or more.

Also, you can use an electric if you are worried about injuring your skin with a blade.

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Dear needhelp,

 I have had one treatment, with my next coming on Thursday.  I did not shave until Monday after a Thursday evening treatment for fear of damaging my complexion.  It was very bumpy, and sore.  Since I was staying out of the sun anyway, I spent the weekend with a book and had the usual beard by Monday night when I went for a followup check with the Dr.  I do not know what to recommend if you must shave the next day, as your skin feels like you had a good long day out on a boat in a strong sun.  It gets a lot better after a week or so.  Try not to be nervous or too self-conscious as success will take a bit of time and patience, but is well worth it.  Good luck.



Once you get laser, the hair probably isn’t going to grow back so quickly or aggresively as they do before your first treatment, so you may not have to shave as often. Some of the hairs will die the first time around, so you won’t have as much hair growing back.

I understand about being afraid of how your skin will react, I felt the same way. See if you can get a patch test when you go for a consultation. And by all means, go to a dermatologists office if you are worried about it. That is what I do.

My skin looks irritated for a few days, and then it gets better and goes back to normal.

As for being self-conscious, no one notices it nearly as much as you do, believe me. I won’t lie and say no one notices AT ALL, as I don’t know how obvious it is on your face. I thought that it was obvious on my face, but hardly anyone else noticed, and I had a lot of hair (and I shaved twice a day.)

You see your face close up in the mirror, no one else looks that closely, except if you are kissing someone.

As for the guy, he is willing to help you pay for it, and he isn’t abandoning you, so obviously he sees who you are as a person…Why should other people in your life be any different?

I totally understand about hating the hair, trust me, a few days of redness every few months is a lot less of a big deal than the dealing with the hair. If someone asks, tell them you absolutely LOVE eating (insert some exotic food no one has ever heard of) and that you only eat if rarely because you are allergic to is and it gives you a rash, but that sometimes you just have to indulge anyway.

It will shut them up really fast!

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Yes, sunburn, windburn, food allergies, response to moisturizer or cosmetics all make good excuses for redness. :wink:


hi everyone…
well it is taking a bit of time to have my first treatment… the dr. i saw about the laset wanted to send me for hormone tests first to see if I have a hormonal problem that is causing the facial hair…She said, if it was due to hormones the laser might not work…
I went for my blood work up today.
The dr. decided to use the IPL for removing my hair and said it wouldnt be permanent… but that it would greatly reduce the amount of hair… she did say I could shave afterwards, but she didnt say how long I would have to wait…
I was also quoted 500.00 for my face… cheeks, chin, and neck…it would have been 700.00 to include the upper lip… Does that sound excessive?
Im hoping the homrmonal test will come back negative and we can get started… She said it would probably take 4-5 visits… once a month…
She also suggested the use of Vaniqua while receiving treatment… Does anyone else here use that topical cream?
Im so excited i hope this works so I can start living a normal life!!


:fearful: $700 sounds a bit on the high end. I am receiving treatment with Lightsheer at an upscale dermatology clinic in suburban Chicago, and I pay 450.00 for full face and neck.

Depending on the area you are in, I would think you should be able to find a reputable practitioner for less than $700.