going for major touchup- suggestions?

hi there,

i had a full bikini and underarm session 3 weeks ago, some shed instantly and wonderfully, but most of my bikini area hasn’t- it looks like a warzone and shows no signs of budging.

i also imagine this area gets rushed cos it’s a bit embarrassing too!

i have arranged a touchup session at week 4 (which will have to be free of charge as i paid for a service i did not get).

what is the best way to approach this? i will be treated with the lightsheer duet (big spot-size unit for easy areas, and the older unit with the smaller spot size for the smaller areas).

i am told it’s ok to shave beforehand and mark the areas myself with chinagraph pencil, which is great cos it saves time and it means i don’t get the dry bic on my sensitive skin. but that still doesn’t mean that more areas won’t be missed again. i have vacation soon so i don’t need a patchy downstairs, really.

is it arrogant to draw a grid on myself? if it’s ok, should i make it slightly bigger or smaller than the spot size/s? and if once again areas are missed, should i go back again??

i’d just like to add- on the places that shed, it looks fantastic- pink skin instead of grey, soft and clear. also i sweat WAY less from my underarms (even though i used to shave there every day).

overall, i feel infinitely better in myself since tackling this issue, i only wish i started sooner.

LightSheer is somewhat difficult to operate. Make sure they use compression when treating and don’t glide much.

You don’t mention what settings are being used, so hard to say if they’re powerful enough to cause permanent damage to the follicles. If the hair was touched, but doesn’t shed, then they’re likely not.

You should always shave the area yourself, about 24-48 hours before treatment, so that you have just a bit of stubble when you come in.

If you want to outline the areas, that’s fine. Just use a white pencil.