going backwards

Depressed today I was feeling really good about my electrolysis at the last appointment I’d managed to streth the appointment out an extra week as it took 3 weeks to get a dark hair to come on my chin although I did have more than usual around one nipple but that couldn’t be seen in public and I waited for the chin hair to appear before having clearance. Anyways since going last time it took just 5 days for a hair to come on the chin and today 2.5 weeks on I have 5 2 are pale but long. :frowning: I have an appointment on the 23rd so hope to be clear over xmas as have lots of parties starting from xmas day up until after new years day. I really thought I would be able to stretch my appointments out after the last time but seems that from waiting 2 weeks for hair then 3 weeks its now gone back to just 1 when will I see it working started going in early August I know it will be at least a year my electrolysis said 2 years for it to be completely gone but when will I be able to stetch my appointments out :frowning: going once a month last time made me so happy having no hair for that length of time on my face was fab. I have been having thermolosis for 10 minutes every 3 weeks on chin and around nipples I wanted to eventually move onto corners of lips but I won’t start another area until I see improvements in the area’s I’ve already started. seems a never ending process

Sadly waiting to see improvements lengthens the time it’ll take overall!

With hair growing in cycles, I find that it really does change over time - once you get through this “cycle” of high growth, I’m sure you’ll be able to stretch your appointments out again - and then you’ll probably have another “cycle” of higher growth in another little while?

Don’t feel bad - you’re moving forward :slight_smile:

Tis the season, when we most suffer from self perception issues.
For me the last week hasnt been good for me. I’ve ha a lot going on ( not to mention 2 other faces I am working on come see me) and I didnt get a lot done on myself. Earlier this week, I posted I had considerable regrowth on my chin. I tried to get some of it, but was constantly interupted while working, by the phone, and eventually by the Ex wanting to drive me accross the city on an errand. I didnt feel good about how much there was.
SO I did something totally out of context for me. For the first time in 4 months, I shaved. I felt horribly guilty for it, and knew that this “shut me down” from working for at least 3-4 days.
The result? An instant change in my mood and how I felt about myself. I could see the shadow was gone. It was a bit of a revelation, because all those tiny little hairs I was worried about, just werent worth worrying about.

It really doesnt matter if you go after the hair right away like I do, or if you wait 2 weeks, 3 weeks or a month to see your electrologist. It’s still the same amount of hair.And once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

Dont tear yourself up with dysphoria over hair this christmas. Enjoy the season.