Going back to electrolysis.......

After reading many of the laser forums, I have decided that I’m a little fearful of going with the laser on my face because of the chance of additional growth and/or hyperpigmentation. I’m planning on going to electrolysis and may use it for my legs too. What is the chance of hyperpigmentation with electrolysis?

Also, do you know of any good electrologists in San Rafael, CA? I found one CPE and many L.E.s and I’m trying to figure out how to pick the best person…any help you can provide would be fantastic!

the best way to pick is to sample a few. that’s the only way to notice the differences. some things to look for is you shouldn’t be feeling like hair is being tweezed. also, make sure to use proper aftercare. there is no hyperpigmentation. you will have some redness for a few hours, which should subside. some people get tiny scabs, but those fall off within a week and are more rare on the face. also, thermolysis is fastest method. blend is a bit slower and used for deeper-rooted tougher hairs, and galvanic is the slowest method. ask them what they use and what machine and how long they’ve been doing this. also, you can run a search for someone who used someone and liked them in the past on this forum. use the search feature above.