Glycyrrhizic acid vs laser hair removal

Just to let you know that I’m the one of the guinea pigs that tried glycyrrhizic acid for my excessive hair.
If you wander what it is please clik the follwoing link

This thing works great. But let me explain how I used it.
I bought the acid from ebay, it was delivered from China. 100 g form the acid are enough for 3-4 months treatment. 100g costs 95 dollars, it is free shipping to USA and UK. 30 usd per month is not that expensive. The seller explained to me that their acid is75% pure, much pure then the one in the experimet. You can dissolved it only in hot water or ethanol, when it cools down - it turns into a jelly. And it is ready to be applied to the skin.
But please note - if you just apply the acid to the skin and wait for the hairs to fall down by themselves you will be hugely disappointed as I was at first.
After all we are not a rats. The trick is to remove the hair from the roots and then to aplly the jelly. Do this 2 daily, every day and within a month you will be impressed.
An advice for the girls with hormonal problems like me - in our case we should be more persistant with the use of the glycyrrhizic acid, if you combine it with detox program it can works miracles. I can highly recomment the follwoing product Zeolite Pure - this is what I use. I’m buying mine from here

Follow this simple regimen and you will get rid of the excessive hair.
And I forgot to tell you that I read in the internet that glycyrrhizic acid is main ingretient in some acne products. I applied it to my facial skin too - no more oily skin and pimples before menses :smiley:
If you wish to give it a try, like me I wish you all the luck. I really hope that it will work for you too.

I don’t really see an indication that this created any permanent removal. If you waxed the hair and didn’t apply anything, you would have seen the same result.

How long has it been since you stopped doing anything to the area?

Oh, there is a huge difference.
Before when I epilated my legs, on the third day they were as hairy as before. It seems that my hair grows really fast and are really dense.
But since I started using glycyrrhizic acid, I have to wax not after 3, but after 15 days. Beside, there is already bald spots, the hair stops growing with every treatment.
Whether it is permanent I still don’t know.
But I don’t mind if I have to use it forever - it calms my skin, keeps my facial skin free of oil and acne. And it is much cheaper, 30usd monthly is not that expensive even if you have to use it for a long time.
As I told you glycyrrhizic acid works great for me, and I read in some Polish forum that it works for another girl there with hormonal problems after the birth of her child.

Waxing after 3 days is an indication that the waxing is not done properly, i.e. the hairs are being broken off on their way out instead of being pulled out with the root.

Once again, you can’t tell anything until you stop everything for at least 6 months and assess at that point.

Yes, you are right, at this point I can not tell whether it is permament.
But at the same time laser removal is not permanent too, many people have to underway treatment annualy, especially the ones with hormonal problems.
The difference is that glycyrrhizic acid is much cheaper and you can use it not only for your excessive hair, but to treat your acne and oily skin too. It just works miracle regarding oily skin and acne.

Laser hair removal IS permanent. It’s been permanent on me for 5+ years. It only works on coarse dense growth and when using a good machine and aggressive settings. Electrolysis is the only other permanent method and works on all types of hair.

If someone has to get touchups due to hormonal problems, this method won’t be any different. That’s NEW hair the body develops that will have to be treated once the hair appears. Any permanent method can only treat hair that’s currently present. It can’t prevent NEW growth later in life.

Until you can say for a fact that this is permanent, it should be compared to waxing, not to permanent methods. And you can’t say that until it’s been 6 months since your last treatment and no new hair appeared.