Glycyrrhizic acid for hair removal and acne

Just to let you know that I’m the one of the guinea pigs that tried glycyrrhizic acid for my excessive hair.
If you wander what it is please clik the follwoing link http://dermatologytimes.modernmedicine.c…e/detail/666288

This thing works great. But let me explain how I used it.
I bought the acid from ebay, it was delivered from China. 100 g form the acid are enough for 3-4 months treatment. 100g costs 95 dollars, it is free shipping to USA and UK. 30 usd per month is not that expensive. The seller explained to me that their acid is75% pure, much pure then the one in the experimet. You can dissolved it only in hot water or ethanol, when it cools down - it turns into a jelly. And it is ready to be applied to the skin.
But please note - if you just apply the acid to the skin and wait for the hairs to fall down by themselves you will be hugely disappointed as I was at first.
After all we are not a rats. The trick is to remove the hair from the roots and then to aplly the jelly. Do this 2 daily, every day and within a month you will be impressed.
An advice for the girls with hormonal problems like me - in our case we should be more persistant with the use of the glycyrrhizic acid, if you combine it with detox program it can works miracles. I can highly recomment the follwoing product Zeolite Pure - this is what I use. I’m buying mine from here

Follow this simple regimen and you will get rid of the excessive hair.
And I forgot to tell you that I read in the internet that glycyrrhizic acid is main ingretient in some acne products. I applied it to my facial skin too - no more oily skin and pimples before menses
If you wish to give it a try, like me I wish you all the luck. I really hope that it will work for you too.

where do u buy the Acid? Can u give a link?
And how long did u apply before they stopped growing?

Yeah, that’s going to work; no doubt about it. Permanent hair removal with Chinese glycyrrhizic acid. Sign me up!

I buy mine glycyrrhizic acid from ebay

I’m using it for a month now, and there are some bald spots on my legs.
It solved my problems with oily skin and pimples.
I’m aaplying it twice daily, almost evey day.

Here you can find out more about glycyrrhizic acid

I addressed this in his post here:

At this point, there is no way to know whether any permanent reduction was achieved at all.

just one month? How can u possibly see results when hair cycles take 6 weeks!!

are u sure you’re not the person promoting this stuff because he/she is selling it on ebay???

Ok I did some googling…This person is promoting the ebay stuff on tons of websites, with the same story over and over again.

In other words, bullshit…
Don’t believe this crap, this person is trying to make money.

Let me clarify something - I’m not the seller.
The seller is a Chinese company and I’m Serbian and live in Serbia.
I have tried glycyrrhizic acid myself- the one from ebay and once again it works. Actually I was so impressed that I contacted the Chinese company and asked them to allow me to promote their product. I know how many people suffer from excessive hair and acne. Of course I’m doing this for a comission.
Just because somebdy promote some product doesn’t mean the product is bullshit :slight_smile:
No one is obliged to buy the acid, I’m just telling you I tried it myself and was able to see results after a month. Believe it or not this is a fact.
Wish you all the best

sure…I have seen this promoting crap on the internet WAY too often to NOT think this is a scam…

If it were true what u said, many, MANY more people would be as enthousiastic by now as you are…

Not so many people are enthusiastic because not many people know about glycyrrhizic acid. And even if they know the problem is where to buy it from.
When I first heard of glycyrrhizic acid I decided to give it a try, but didn’t know where to buy it.
I prefered to buy it from somewhere in Europe but the chemical companies have minimum quantity requrement of 1000 kg, one of these companies agreed to sell 0.5 kg but they wanted me to pay 2000 euro. So I started searching for Chinese manufacturer, by the way China and Italy are the biggest licorice manufacturers in the world. But even the Chinese companies when hear you are European raise their prices - some wanted 200 usd, some 120 usd without shipping costs. Then I found this company that told me 95 usd for 100g including shipping. I ordered it and tried, it really reduced my hair, it cured my acne and oily skin.
So I decided to let as many people as possible aware of this acid. I contacted the Chinese company and asked them to promote thier product, they allowed me.
This is my story. Again I have tried glycyrrhizic acid and it works on me, I found it at the cheapes price possible and want people to know about it and if someone decide to order it well it is on ebay. :slight_smile:

why don’t u post some pictures with resu;lts then?

Exactly…That’s what I thought…

It is not what you have thought, I was on a bsuiness trip abroad.
Due to a heavy meatl poisoning I had really SEVER problem with excessive hair. I wouldn’t post pictures even if I have one, because I have dignity.
I’m telling you - combined therapy with Zeolite pure and glycyrrhizic acid significantly improved my condition.
Somewhere in internet I read that glycyrrhizic acid has reduces testosterone level in healthy women with 40%, so I started taking orally 400mg of the acid. I hope that it will contribute to my improvement too.

Sure “dignity” to post a picture of a small patch of you skin?

And now you take it orally? Just taking the risk?

That is a good commercial stunt because it would make potential customers even empty the bucket of acid more soon so they buy more…

Smart one you are!

Actualy if you want to take licorice orally there is no need to buy pure glycyrrhizic acid, you can just buy licorice extract from any herbal store.
Glycyrhizic acid is needed only if you want to apply it topicaly.


You haven’t seen any “results” yet. It’s only been a month. Hair grows in cycles. You can wax and have the same “results”. It’s not permanent.

I have read the original study on which dermatologytimes article, and I have to say that none of the compositions used in the experiment described composition.
According to the study which have taken effect faster (between 2-8 days) are:

20% Ammonium-glyzyrrhizinat (Fluka, A-Gly-Flu)
30% Glycerol
Water (pH 4)
-Two applications per day

20% Ammonium-glyzyrrhizinat (Fluka, A-Gly-Flu)
1% Triton x100
Urea 10%
20% Ethanol
-Two applications per day

In the study you can see photos of the neck region of mouse hair that runs out after 12 days of treatment, and also control the mouse. What is not is which of the 12 compositions have been used for photos.
If you want to download the document Espacenet click here. (this in German)