Glycolic acid after LHR to help shedding

Has anyone used glycolic acid after LHR to help shedding? Did it help?

If yes, what concentration and pH? What area?

Honestly I find duct tape works the best, the real stuff not a no name one. You just stick it over the area then gently peel it off. It’s strong enough that it lifts out all the hairs that are ready to shed, but weak enough that it won’t pull out hairs that are still rooted down. I use it all the time works perfectly.

could be wrong but I think mumbaigirl is asking about AHAs for when there are pepperspots.

You don’t want to go crazy with the glycolic acid after LHR. There are number of body lotions created for this purpose. Neostrata and Dermaquest are examples of brands that have such lotions. Usually 15% strenght does a good job and it’s not too harsh on the skin. Under 8% preparations don’t do anything for your skin. 20% is often strenght for entry level peel so too strong. You need to wait 1 week afer treatment and discontinue use 1 week before treatment. The idea with using glycolic acid is to stimulate shedding of dead cells and skin renewal thus helping with the release of trapped hairs.
Hope this helps.

@edokid: Thanks for the tip

@stoppit&tidyup: You’re right! :slight_smile:

@ geri: I used 12% glycolic acid last night on my neck. I washed it off after 3 hours. Many many hairs shed. I still have some peppershots that I hope will shed in the next few days. Yeah, I know we need to wait 1 week after treatment and discontinue use 1 week before treatment…Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile: