Global Electrolysis Supply on Ebay

Just an FYI that Global Electrolysis Supply is now marketing their products on EBay using the seller name of “MedicalEquipmentBroker”. Just another way for them to take money from unsuspecting consumers.

Yeah, several people have written to eBay to complain, but eBay doesn’t really care.

Thanks for posting it here! Let’s try to get thre word out, since eBay won’t stop these scum.

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Hi all.

Everyone should also know that Global Electrolysis is also hawking purported Long-Pulsed Diode lasers at Diode Laser Page

Looks like the same sort of scam that others have complained of.


I would like to personally thank you for having this forum and posting the WARNING about Global Electrolysis and their new pet project Electrolyse Automatique. I just about bit the big one on this, meaning I came five minutes close to buying one of the systems until I ran across this forum you saved me some big money.

I have been doing research on building my own system. I do not need something to look fancy I just need it to do the job. I have been to three professionals and spent a lot of money. I have scars from the last professional… not a happy camper on that one considering it is my face that got it. It is not really bad, however bad enough for me not to return again. I thought she was going to fry my chin off.

Three times is a charm and now it is time for me to take things into my own hands. I am tired of looking like Chubacca and I do not like lots of pain, so taking things very slow in the way for me.