Gliding method with diode laser. Is it worthless or can it work?

I have posted before about I new clinic I found which charges half the price I pay now for full body LHR. The place I go to now uses IPL (StarLux) and the new cheaper clinic uses a diode laser (MedioStar). Also the new clinic uses the gliding method, not compression. You are supposed to shave and then they apply a kind of gel and then glide the laser on your skinn.

I found this new clinic through a recommenadion from my Blend practitioner who is a nurse working at a plastic surgery clinic. She told me that several of their patients had been undergoing LHR at this new clinic and that they were very satisfied. But I do have my considerations about the gliding method and also on this forum I have read that it isn’t as good as the compression method.

But can you still get as good results if the practitioner knows how to work with the gliding method? I mean, if the skinn is shaved and the gel applied, you can still press down the laser while gliding it, can’t you?

One thing that I really wonder about is pulse width - can you adjust this parameter when the laser is just glided on the skinn? I mean, the laser “shoots” its light constantly with the gliding method, doesn’t it? Also I have brown skinn and I have read that pulse width is important when treating brown people.

Whether compression should be used or not depends on the laser. It would be best to contact the mfr. if you can.

For example, compression is not used with the Sciton as it does not make direct contact with the skin.

Compression is used with the Quadra Q4. It just varies from laser to laser.

Longer pulse widths are preferred for darker skin. It allows higher fluence to be used. I find longer pulse widths to be more effective.


What is mfr?
I think you can do both with this laser. I had a test patch done yesterday and becuase she did a small patch she used the normal method. The treatment hurt more than IPL and I think the pain was different.
But can ju adjust pulse width with the gliding method? Can you for example adjust pulse width with Sciton?


Thankyou lagirl.

Does anyone know about pulse width parameter and gliding method?