girl in need of advice

I am a girl with hair on my upper lip.
I bleach it, so it’s a little less noticable… but whenever I look in the mirror, I see it. It may be blonde now, but it’s still very visible to me. The problem frustrates me, and I have only confided in one person about my hatred for it. She told me I was over-reacting and that it wasn’t noticeable unless someone is staring intently at my upper lip while I’m standing directly under a light.
But I still see it, I still hate it, and now I don’t even want to look into a mirror while there is any kind of light nearby. I get very concious about how close people are to me, because I don’t want anyone else to see it…
I don’t know what to do. I’m a new college student so I don’t have much money… and I don’t want to start waxing it because then I’ll have to do it constantly, and I’ve heard that it causes the problem to worsen anyway.
I’ve done a lot of looking around online to find SOME WAY of ridding myself of this problem but I’m not having any luck. Does ANYONE know what I can do? Ignoring it isn’t working anymore… I’m at the end of my rope.
Please help…

Hi pixxel–

Sorry to hear this is causing you unhappiness. Remember that many other women are dealing with the same problem.

If bleaching isn’t cutting it, the cheapest option is plucking. You might also try wax. It’s won’t make the problem worse, although you will have little red bumps for maybe half a day, and you’ll have to make sure you don’t get ingrowns as it comes back.

Since you say you don’t have much money right now, the permanent options for reducing hair might be too much.

It sounds like you don’t have a lot of hair, so I’d give plucking waxing a shot for starters and see what you think.

This is an old post (I’m catching up) but I just wanted to throw in that it doesn’t matter to some guys. Especially those who are themselves a bit furry. Bleaching is fine, and waxing might help, but don’t worry too much about it.

I hate how movies and tv impress on society how perfect everyone should look.

I know, vulpes. You’d think that it was some kind of crime to have a little facial hair. Unfortunately, the trend from the fashion and beauty industries appears to be towards less hair for both males and females. :angry:

It would be great if everyone would just take a stand and not care about that kind of silly stuff, but until that day, I guess I’ll keep trying to help those who don’t have the energy or inclination to fight this lame-o cultural trend. :frowning:

I used to have the same problem and tried bleeching which would last for about two weeks and it still didn’t look all that great. I wasn’t as disturbed about it but my problem was any kind of bleech was too harsh for my face skin, it used to give me dry patches and rash. So, thsi is what I tried and it works for me. I use a soft pumic stone everyday when I shower. At first I thought it hurt my skin becuase I wasn’t sure how much pressure to apply etc. while using it but then I got the hang of it. I still have hair on upper lip, but it is very fine and hardly noticable. And mind you , I have black hair all over, face is not an exception either. So, see if it works for you. It took me a week or so to understand how much pressure to apply in order not to hurt my skin and still get rid of hair. Now, I could go for couple of weeks without doing it. But I stick to doing it everyday while in shower, it hardly takes 30-45 seconds if you do it every day.

I don’t know if pixxel is even going to read this, but I thought I would reply ust in case. I have unwanted hair on my upper lip, but I hardly even think about it now. When I was about 13 my mom bought a Gigi Home waxing kit(My mom had electrolysis on her upper lip, so she knew her daughters would probably have the same problem) and started waxing me and my sister. It hurt a lot back then (I can remember my sister crying) but it did take all of the hair off. I’m now in college, and lucky enough that I live at home. After eight years of waxing, I can now do it myself in about 15 minutes and I honestly barely feel it. I like to wax every other week or so, just so I never have to worry. I don’t know why but I don’t ever seem to get any rash or ingrowns on my upper lip (although I get that everywhere else), and it only takes about ten minutes for the redness to go away and then you can’t even tell I’ve done it. I just thought I’d share because waxing works really well for me, and as a college student, it’s nice to deal with this in privacy and not to have to shell out $25 at a salon.

Thanks for the great tips, honeypie and orange! I had a lot of electrolysis, and the only place I still get a straggler once in a while is the upper lip. Tough little suckers to get rid of!

Hello, i have soo many annoying thin hairs on my chest that i decided to use a pumice stone every time I shower to see if it will lessen the hair. I wax and it comes out fast. The epilator doesn’t work cause the hairs are too short.