Getting ready for my first electrolysis visit tom.


Here is my question what would be some great ways to prep myself and get the most out of my visits? Also I have been reading alot of posts and some people are complaining about having to return to the doctor very frequently! I was under the impression that once the papala (Sp.?) is zapped then the hair follicle is killed and the hair will never come back. Am I right? If this does not work out then I am moving to Buffalo to have James work on my!


Don’t drink coffee or caffeinated soda before, drink plenty of water… wash your skin in a cool shower and use a very mild soap…

Relax, breathe deeply…



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I have just completed a year of electrolysis for my chin and upper lip with visits every 2-3 weeks averaging 1 hour per visit (with a very fast operator). The hair seems to be gone now–just weak hairs with no root (dead hairs?) that I’m told can be plucked. When I first started going, I was told the hair would be gone in no time, which I interpreted to be 3-4 visits. My operator does believe that the hair is a result of an infection and that the hairs network and spread if you pluck or wax. That seems to be true for the hair growth accelerated after years of plucking and waxing. My face is very clear now, so sign of scarring, and finally, hair free! (But it was annoying that it took so long, and that hairs kept coming back every 2 weeks, until now). I would have stopped going if my good friend had not achieved permanent hair removal and was proof that it works eventually, if done correctly.


Even for those who can get permanent results in as little as 3 hours of total work, the three hours must be spread out over 9 months. This is one of the most frustating things to get clients to understand. Electrologists don’t promise to wave a magic wand and make everything go away, they just promise to remove your problem in the fastest way that your body, and your schedule will allow.