Getting LHR in the Boston area?

Does anyone have any experience/suggestions for a light-skinned/dark haired male in the Boston area who would like to remove excessive back/shoulder hair (The worst I’ve ever seen!). I would love any referals and especially any account of actual experiences. I am new to this. Please help?!

Thank you.

Hey BostonBoy,
I’m a hairy bast_rd here in Boston, too.
I just started LHR treaments at salon acote on Newbury St. The rates seemed pretty reasonable by Boston standards and I am REALLY happy with the results so far. I found out about it on the web site
So far I’ve had my face done three times and my neck/back/shoulders done once. The results on my face are really amazing. I’m not sure how many more times I’m going to need to have it done, but the results have been excellent thus far.
I had my back done once four weeks ago and it’s much smoother now than it would have been if I’d gotten it waxed. SO I can’t tell you how permanent the treatments are, but I’m happy so far. I know that the machine my doctor uses is a Palomar Estelux, which I hadn’t heard much about, but it seems to be doing the job!
If you have any questions you can email me