getting jobbed. Post from the NEws section

Well Pixie,

I do think they are strides being made towards permanent hair removal, biotech companies (no matter what the probability of there individual success is) are realizing the opportunity that is there to make money. For example, SIRNA Therapeutics and Quest Pharmatech (see gene therapy section) are companies trying to get in this market. However I was commenting more on how the products or methods that are currently available are ridiculous. Most of all laser. Now I have had laser treatments and have had some reduction, however I dont believe the price should be anywhere nears as much as it is, based upon the results it gives. I am disgusted by laser companies who are charging helpless people with a serious problem ridiculous amounts of money for a product that might or can cause a reduction in hair. Its simply ludicrous and I curse the laser companies for taking advantage of people who are desperate. I also think that a few years down the line, even if one of these new methods doesnt take over, the word about the ineffeciency of laser will get out and that will drive the cost way down. For right now lets hope these companies have success in there clinical trials and can put these laser companies out of business.

Oooh and dont anyone tell me electrylosis is the answer, cause in ten years when i am finished, am positive they will be something that works better and quicker (hopefully SIRNA). id rather save my money