Getting into trouble when shaving

I have been shaving my face (shudder) but am finding I am geting stubble…will this eventually go away. I don’t want to trade a hairy face with stubble!

Okay, 77 people looked at my post and not one response…I really am looking for an answer please!!! Should I keep on shaving, or should I just ‘clip’ the hair? Surely there are other people trying to reduce facial hair that have run into this problem??

You always gett stubble when you shave. If you plock the hairs they will grow more naturaly with a finer tip and then gradualy get thicker as they grow out. Are you a woman? Why don’t you get electorlys treatment for your face?

your post was under laser so I assume you mean you are shaving between laser treatments. If that is what is going on than you will just have to cope with the stubble untill you get enough clearence so that you dont need to shave anymore.
When you shave you are cutting the hairs at their thickest poit at an angle which is why stubble is so evidents and rough. If you are not getting laser or electrolysis I recommend that you go for waxing. It is not a permanent solution but when you get growout it will be finer and less evident than what you have now.