Getting Hairier with Age

I’ve noticed that some people who have been getting treatments with laser (many treatments) have said that they get recurrent hair growth. I wonder if the hair they had removed is still gone but that new hair is brand new hair (never-before seen the light-of-day-hair). We all get hairier with age. Would I be right to assume that the laser does not affect hair that has not ever appered before?

Where do the little buggers come from anyway? Is there one hiding inside every single pore waiting to spring out and piss us off?

That’s exactly what happens, unfortunately. We all have dormant hair follicles that can spring to life when triggered by hormonal changes or other factors. Other follicles become dormant as we get older. The pattern is different for everyone, but most people will see some hair go away in some areas and some pop up in others. Let’s hope you gain it where you want it and lose it where you don’t want it!

So I will get hairier in 10 years time? What can I do?

What Andrea said is true, but don’t worry too much! After puberty and you get into your 20’s things start to mellow out, and you’ll have pretty much what you have for your life.

It’s also true though that hair grows in cycles. For example, a hair you pluck today might not grow back for a year, but the folicle right next to it might grow next week. It’s nice how nature made sure we always have fur even if it gets ripped out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus… in so many years they’ll probably have gene therapy of somekind of hair growth, and topical solutions might be a thing of the past (who knows).