getting electrolysis - side effect questions...

i have had two electrology appointments so far. i’ve had a life long battle with facial hair (28 year old female, italian hertiage). my electrologist is using thermolysis.

after each treatment (both times were 40 mins. with about 120 hairs being removed each time), i am noticing a TON more stubble coming in (i am shaving). is this normal? how many treatments can i expect before i start to see less hairs coming in?

a few more questions:

  1. i am shaving between treatments and am wondering what the best way to cover up the stubble is. i don’t shave for about a day a half before the treatment and it’s damn embarassing. however, the shaving is wrecking my skin. it really looks like a mess.

  2. i seem to be getting more acne in the areas being treated (chin). any reason for this?

  3. after this last treatment (she had turned up the “voltage”), i have little red/brown markings on my face. they look like little scabs, but only seem like they are covered with a thin layer of skin. are these burns? does this mean she’s doing it wrong, or do we just need to turn the machine to a lower voltage?

i have not had my hormone levels tested, but will be doing that soon. if i DO have a hormone problem, is electrolysis not possible, or does it just take 10X as long?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

thank you!

Without seeing you, it is hard to evaluate you, and your condition.

How soon you can expect a noticeable difference depends on how many hairs per square inch you have over the treatment area, and how much progress per appointment, and the frequency of your appointments.

My question would be why you are having such short appointments with so little hair removed per session?

In my office a gal like you would probably start out with 3 hour appointments with the goal to clear the full face as quickly as possible, and try to maintain that clearance level once we achieve the desired look.

I know there are variables that would make this less likely in some situations, but, like I said, at my office, most ladies see a BIG difference in 3 weeks or less.

For the stubble, you could take a lesson from the Transgendered Girls and employ a cover stick, or a Dermablend type product. The down side, is that it could look like you are wearing too much makeup.

Check with your practitioner, she may be able to work with you shaving 24 hours or less prior to your appointment. Depending on her equipment that becomes more of a possibility, or a limitation.

If you are getting more bumps in the area, you may find that they are lessened, or go away with the use of Tea Tree Oil, as this will dissolve puss, and follicular debris, while helping to heal the skin. Just take our advise and use it overnight so you don’t smell like medicine during the day. For daytime use Aloe Vera Gel, or Juice.

If you have a medical condition leading to hair growth, you need to get that in check so that you don’t continue to recruit new hair growing follicles. Although electrolysis can possibly keep your hair problem at bay, it can’t end your problem if you don’t stop the thing making new hairs.

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thank you so much for your input. i guess i have only seen one electrologist so far. would it benefit me to see other ones? it couldn’t hurt to try a few people out, right?

i thought a 40 min. treatment was a long enough one. you mean to tell me some women have this done for 3 hours at time? i had no idea! my electrologist told me about 60 hairs per 20 mins session was about the normal removal rate. is she correct? i don’t know if i could hack a 3 hour treatment. the 40 mins. was painful enough and left me with scabs and bumps. 3 hours would wreck me.

is there a minimum “voltage” you have to use when using thermolysis to achieve a satisfactory result? just curious.

thanks again.

As long as you do not feel the hair being plucked during treatment, you are being treated properly.

If you wish to get an idea of how long a time it should take to finish and the question of after effects go to the site: