Getting electrolysis for eyebrows soon

Really nervous about it and feeling quite emotional as I have been letting the hairs grow out for a few weeks…I want to get blend done (as I have been plucking for years)and hopefully I will be finished within say 12 months…I am going to Parkside beauty centre and having my first consultation with Sharon. I will keep you updated.

God I am so nervous…

Does anyone know how long it would take to reach around 80-90% permanency for eyebrows, how many months in total, how many sessions per month? approx how many hours in total? My hairs range from fine - thick on the eyebrows and have been plucking in the past.

Hi Twinkle,

Just came across this thread when searching. Did you start? How did it go?

The work of every electrologist is different, there are so many variables so we cannot give you an answer.

The only thing I can say that is with regular appointments and no plucking between them, you will be more or less done in about a year. The thick hairs will be the priority and if you want ALL the fine ones removed as well, make sure you point that out and put in the time to have them cleared as well.

How long before the consult did you stop plucking?

Hey, I stopped plucking about a month before the consult, my eyebrows grow really slowly…I’ve had around 1.30mins done on the eyebrows, im getting very thin ones done in the middle and couple of thicker ones just for a nice tidied look. And no way have I been plucking in between sessions, just trimming the hairs :slight_smile: I was told that I should be done within 12-18 months, I think for me it will take some time as my eyebrows do grow really slowly