Getting ALL of the hair off?

I would love any help I could get with this. I have tried waxing my legs, but the wax only takes off a small percentage of the hair. The hairs are about 1/4 of an inch long - would it do better if they were longer? I have tried both a microwave waxing kit and a home-made sugaring solution, and have followed directions as carefully as I can.

My mother once lent me her epilator to try and I had a similar experience - a lot of pain and very little hair removal. I may have just been using it improperly, but I am starting to wonder if I just have weird hair that resists being pulled out. Is there such a problem, or should I be looking more to technique and hair length? :confused:


As much as we would all like to think we had the worst hair in the world, I doubt it is actually the hair or your skin that is causing the problems…

I would say that it is a technique thing… you could try another brand, or tell us what you are currently using and someone with experience with that brand may have some tips…

Also, you could consider having your legs done professionally for the first time… Then, if you watch and ask a few questions, you may get a great lesson… how to apply, how to tear-off the strips…

Good luck,


I have used both a Nair roll-on “sugaring wax” and a homemade sugaring mixture of sugar, lemon juice, and water, slowly heated to 250 degrees / brownnish color and zipped off with pieces of cotton sheeting. The directions for the Nair stuff said to smooth it on in a thin layer with the direction of hair growth and to pull the strips off again immediately, against the grain of the hair growth and pulling back along the strip, not up. I also wiped off my legs wtih a towlette they provided which was supposed to cleanse oil and provide a good surface for waxing.