Getting a wax somewhere in italy/europe?

I’m going to italy next week, and after that a few countries including croatia. Total trip time will be around three weeks. Anyway, I want to have my back waxed for the trip, but because it seems to start growing back quickly and after a while results in a few in-grown hairs, I’d like to get it done as close as possible to when I’ll be out of italy, to maximize the benefits when I’m at the beaches in Croatia and whatnot.

So, how hard is it to find a place in italy that will do this? Are places that wax as common there as they are here

I am in the USA and most of the waxes I use on clients for hair removal are made in Italy. Italy manufactures some of the most wonderful waxes for hair removal, along with other products and equipment for the skin care industry. You will be just fine. The waxing services are easy to find in Italy! Oh, I guess I should disclose… I am not Italian.

Thanks, although I never got around to it in Italy. Now I kind of regret it, as I’m in Athens Greece and am finding it absolutely impossible to find a place that does waxes. Searching on the internet gets me absolutely nothing. So it’d be nice to know of a place in either Athens, or of places where I’m going next- Crete.