Getting a doctor to take me seriously!

I’m a 23 year old South Asian woman. Recently, I’ve noticed hair growth on my neck. It’s soft but getting longer and more noticeable. My sideburns also have had significant hair growth. It’s still peach fuzz and soft but it’s been more noticeable.

I’ve had very recent hair growth between my breasts. Also, the hair beneath my bellybutton has gotten longer and thicker. This phenomenon of it getting longer and thicker has been spreading to above my belly button.

I’ve also noticed more hair growth on my thighs and upper arms for example.

When I went and talked to two doctors, they dismissed my concerns by saying that South Asian women tend to be hairier. How do I get them to take me seriously and at least test for stuff?

Were these physicians primary care or specialty (gynecologist or endocrinologist)?
Years ago when my concern was dismissed, I asked my doctor, “If your son came to you and said he was developing too much fatty tissue in the breast area, would you show no concern?”

Do you have health insurance? The tests to help determine if you have a metabolic disorder are expensive.

Have you gone through a stage where your menstrual cycle was irregular? What is your weight like (underweight/overweight)?

What is the hair growth pattern like for other female family members?

Did either of the physicians ask you any of the above or other questions?

They where primary care.

I do have health insurance. My periods are pretty regular. They used to be pretty long and heavy but they’ve lightened up now. I’m overweight. I weigh 155 and I’m 5’4. I have Grave’s disease. Right now my thyroid is normal.

My mom has very little hair growth, so does one of my sisters. But my other sister had a sudden burst of hair growth and has thick hair on her neck.

If you were diagnosed and were being treated for Graves disease, at some point, you met with an endocrinologist. If you did not, I am perplexed. The endocrinologist is the one to speak with. Do you need referrals?