Get out already!

Hey, here’s my problem - about 2 weeks after a treatment my hair begins to fall out. Thing is, some (quite a lot, actually) refuse to fall out even a month and more after. It’s not that they haven’t been hit, they have, I know because I can take them out with my finger and they slide right out… I wanted to know if there’s a way to make all the loose hair fall off?

I’ve had the same issue…I’ve tweezed the ones that put up no resistance…

I thought i heard somewhere that tweezing was not a good thing.

I had the same problem at times up to a month,but not longer.

I haven’t noticed a problem with the “dead” hairs not falling out, but I do use a loofah regularly starting about a week after treatment. I also pull some out with tweezers if they aren’t attached. Hope that helps…

Patience! They will fall out eventually. They’re called tombstones. If you have been treated with a diode laser like the Lightsheer this phenomenon is more common. It may take 1 or 2 months for them to fall out by themselves. If they offer no resistance you can slide them out with tweezers but be careful. If you have no scabbing or blisters you can use a loofah to coax them out.