get it while its HOT!! my example of using the one touch

here’s a video, a big file so 56ker’s beware.

right click and save it to desktop for best viewing because of the size.


it’s on an ftp in china i think lol. should be fast

Here’s the same movie but it’s only 2.4meg movie file encoded in divX Right Click here and save as to desktop for the 2.4meg file WARNING–THIS FILE FROZE ON ME WHEN PLAYING AND I TRIED IT IN 2 DIFFERENT PC’S USING 2 DIFFERENT VIDEO PLAYERS. IF IT FREEZES FOR ANYONE ELSE PLEASE LET ME KNOW. THANKS (encoded in divX)

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Hey Tiny…

Neither of you links worked for me. I right clicked them and “save as” was not an option so I tried to open the files and both of them said that the website was not available.

Neither link would work for me either. It says that access was denied.

ya, I up the file’s to ftp’s.

the admin must have found it. dang. i’ll post again when I up it to another ftp,. srry for inconvienece but its a big file so I can only up them to some nice and fast ftp’s.