Gentronics out of business?

Ouch, never expected this one. Just checked the website and Jim Jensen has retired.

Thank you for an awesome epilator Jim!!

Anyone know where I can get my MC160A calibrated at now? Is there anyway to do it myself?

Dr. Myron Heimlich at Texas Electrolysis comes to mind. His contact information is here on HairTell . If you use the search feature, you will find it.

Or wait for James to repost it here for the millionth time. :wink:
Texas Electrolysis Supply
Telephone: 1-800-626-6025
Fax: 1-888-508-8508
Address: 16627 Sealark Rd.
Houston, Texas 77062 USA

This is indeed sad news. I knew Jim Jensen personally, he will certainly be missed.