GentleYAG 28J or GentleMAX - Alexandrite 16J

Hi everyone,

Till today (started in July 2010) I have had 3 session on my chest and abs with the GentleYAG laser (18mm/28J). The hairs are meanwhile, relatively speaking, less coarse.

Last week I decided to give a try to the Alexandrite laser and today I had a test session with the GentleMAX (Alexandrite - 18mm/16J). The doctor said that my skin was too dark to handle more than 16J.

It has been a few hours now and my skin looks perfectly normal. Just a bit redness but this should be okay I guess.

Now my question is; with which laser should I continue hereafter? Which one would be more effective? GentleYAG with 18mm/28J or GentleMAX with Alexandrite 18mm/16J? Thanks for all feedbacks!

If you could handle almost max settings on GentleYAG (30j is max on 18mm…though you don’t mention the pulse width, which is also important), then you should be able to handle good GentleLASE settings without a problem and should be using the Alex because it gets better results.

16J on 18mm should be fine (this machine has a fixed pulse width at 3ms). Those are good settings. They can try testing at 18j/18mm and see how your skin reacts too.

Thank you LAgirl!

Sorry I forgot to mention the pulse width. It is also 3ms with GentleYAG (18mm/3ms/28J); meaning I am almost at the maximum.

This means that you should be able to handle almost max on GentleLASE too. Testing will determine exact settings.

Gentlemax 18/16 would be better. Also, Gentlemax has adjustable pulse widths so they can put higher pulse widths with higher energies, based on your skin tone.