i had my first laser treatment yesterday for hair on upper lip and cheeks with alexandrite gentle laser (theo ne with the cooling device).
all hair appear to have been removed, except for the upper lip, where i have the impression that hair seem as if it is the 2-3 days after you have shaved or used a depilatory cream and they just start to grow. i had the impression that the laser burnt all my hair and they seem to be removed, but in reality the hair root still remains there.i told my doctor, but she replied no,the root is also destroyed. then why does it still show like you are shaved?
does anyone had a similar experience?

It burns the hairs where they stand, but you still have to wait for the remains to be shed from the skin. Whereas electrolysis removes every treated hair, LASER leaves you with burnt hair matter shedding from your face for a few weeks.