Hello everyone! LOVE this forum! In the past I have had laser tx on my legs with awesome results with the gentlelase. I am now going to have my chin and or upper lip zapped. Should I just stick to the same laser I used for my legs since I had such great results? Any advice? The hair on my legs was so much coarser(sp?) then the hair on my face is. I have light skin with dark hair.

HI, although I’m not qualified to answer you question, I was wondering if you would mind detailing you leg treatments please, especially the amount of reduction and when your last treatment was. Thanks.

If you have had good results with the GentleLase, I would recommend you stick with what works. With the finer hairs, you will probably need higher fluences, but at any rate, you are an ideal candidate for laser (dark hair on light skin).

Sure. Sorry I recently changed my profile cause I have a different e-mail.(I was MichelleQ and posted a message once before on this forum.)
Anyways. My last laser tx with Gentlelase with cooling spray was in Oct of '02 and that was just a touch up. I am excited to say I have been about 90-95% hair free since that day!
I bought a package of 6 txs for full legs for $4000 starting I think it was back in 2000. I had txs 6-8 weeks apart. The place I went to offered free laser txs for any hair regrowth for one year after your last tx. in the package. I would of had maybe one or two more touchups to get the remaining few stray hairs (much softer) but I was pregnant and having braxton-hicks(false
labor)and didn’t want to stress my body. The hair on my legs was dark, thick and you could see a “shadow” after shaving. Hairier than any girl I know! But today it is smooth-city!!! I know the RN said she had the laser set at different settings at times and went as high as 20 joules (right wording?) frequency. It WAS very painful for me but short term pain with long term results is worth it. Hey kind of like labor?!
I recently bought a certificate for $300 for more laser tx with the same RN on a radio shopping show. cost only $99! I saw her today and am going to have 3 treatments on my upper lip done soon! I don’t think she offers packages anymore so if I need more txs then I will shop around.

Just a little more detail on the side effects I had from Gentlelase…I did have redness, some edema (swelling), a little hypopigmentation that went away, a tiny bit of light scabbing on my thighs. I felt like I had a bad sunburn that lasted only a few days or so. Also I had those “black-head” type spots all over before shedding. Had to scrub really good. Then finally finer hair grew and then no hair grew back.

Barber’s wife, what were your settings. 25J, 35J, 45J? I had no long term results whatsoever after 5 treatments with the GentleLase Plus, I just enjoy the hair free period it gives me. Maybe it is because I am being treated too low?

The nurse told me the highest setting she had it on was 20. I’m not sure how high the gentlelase goes. I’m sure if she cranked it any higher my skin might have been damaged.