GentleLase vs GentleYag

Let me tell you a little about me. I believe i’m a type IV (colour of skin between angelina jolie and Kim kardashian if that helps to clarify, but legs very pale).

I have had 6 treatments in another city with the gentlelase, but need further treatments.

I have seen 3 places in my new location. 1 used gentlelase and the other 2 gentle yag. Those with the gentle yag machine were shocked that the hair was not completely cleared after 6 treatments.

the hair is patchy but definately reduced. Most successful on lower legs.

Now i;m not sure with which machine to go with??

gentle yag or gentlelase?

also, if someone offers unlimited for 2 years… is this fishy?

Any input is highly appreciated!!! I’m very confused on which to go with.


Gentlelase is designed for people with light skin (types 1-3) while yag is primarily designed for darker skin types (4-6). Gentlelase is a more effective laser, but if you’re darker skinned, then they’ll likely turn the power down and render it ineffective (i.e. 14J on 18mm spot size is the absolute minimum suggested to go, you should try and have at least 16J). So if they’re not going with high settings on gentlelase, you need to use the gentleyag.

And yes, unlimited for 2 years is generally fishy. There was a case here of someone using an offer like that and had great results, but in general, most places that do it won’t.

Hi Brenton,
Thank you very much for your response. It has been very helpful and I have been reflecting on it everyday but somehow nervous to make the decision.

I would like to ask, ideally what settings should be used on the gentleyag for type 4 skin?

Thank you again for your time. It’s really appreciated.

Check out this from the manufacturer of GentleYAG:

You want higher joules and spot size, and lower pulse width. That’ll give you an idea of what to aim for