GentleLase on Upper thighs?

Hi - Well i have been getting LHR done on my Brazillian and Underarms and have had 5 sessions so far spaced between 8-11 weeks apart. So far i have seen great results, the hairs shed (minus some that didn’t get lasered) and i have ‘smooth’ skin until about the 8th week were hair starts to grow.

I was thinking about getting my upper legs done ALSO when i get my 6th session of brazilian and underarms, My hairs on my upper leg arent as thick as most hairs but they are THICK and BLACK, but obvioulsy my lower legs are more thicker, Should i just have one session on my upper legs and see how it goes?? see if the hairs shed and see if i’notice’ a bit of a difference or will it be a waste doing my upper legs? My legs are more tanned as well. I have booked in for a 25 min appointmnt, the place i go to charges $70 per 5 min, so how long would it take to do legs? i was hoping to do all my legs but i would def rather be hair free on my upper thighs. Im really short only 155 cm. But yer i just hope i dont ‘waste’ a session as my haris arent as thick as where i have had good results. I was thinking if worts comes to worst ill just get my lower legs done instead, but would definantly prefer doing my upper legs. Has anyone had good results on upper legs?? Also, do i have to do anything, i just hope she doesnt miss anything? I heard people do 'grids’s and this helps the practioner not miss spots? Main thing i would like to hear if people have had sucess with upper legs LHR and how long it approx took / PS my skin in slightly olive, my legs are darkest part of my body
Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m having full legs done. I have had 4 treatments so far, spaced 10 wks apart. The hair on my upper legs was pretty similar to the hair on the lower. It has been amazing. Really the only place I have noticed it has not worked as well is on the knee area. The hairs are finer there.

As far as your other questions go, I don’t know, but wanted to respond and let you know the upper legs are definitely worth it if you do it. For me it has actually been one of my best areas/results.

Laser only works on coarse dark hair. Most folks don’t have the kind of hair amenable to LHR on their thighs. In your case, a photo of your thigh hair would be helpful.

Haven’t heard of LHR clinics charging by the min. Must be a Down Under phenomenon ;).

hey thanks for responding guys :slight_smile:

yer i would say my upper leg thigh hairs arent as thick as my lower legs so im still a bit iffy hmmm if i should get it done ,

yer most places here charge time. This was the ONLY clinic that had GentleLase in my area! 5 min = $70 bux ive booked in for 25 min so ill see how much can get done in that time

I think you will pay too much for the treatments this way…

i agree… but i guess theres nothing i can do :frowning:

Both upper legs would probably take 30-45 mins.

You can try it and see if you get good shedding at decent settings.