Gentlelase/candela--my experience

Just wanted to share my laser hair removal experience with you guys. I know my hair growth is most likely due to genes cause my dad is a pretty hairy guy and I am hispanic. My mother doesn’t understand what the big deal is cause she and my sisters do not have this problem. I did make sure to check with my doctor first to rule out any medical problem. Many people do not understand what unwanted hair growth does to the body image of a young teenage girl who already deals with low self-esteem issues. It makes one feel very unfeminine. Laser hair removal was a Godsent. I had my legs done by an experienced RN who used the Gentlelase laser on me. After $4,000 and about 8 treatments, I am 90-95% hair free! It has been about 2 years! It was worth the money and pain in exchange for the self confidence! I am thankful for a supportive husband who was sensitive to my feelings and didn’t just think I was being vain. I am looking foward to having my underarms and abdomen done soon!

Your results sound great! One question, has it been two years since your last treatment, or are you saying the treatments have taken two years to complete?

Hi :smile: I had my last full leg treatment around the fall of 2001. Then I became pregnant with my son in November and didn’t feel comfortable having any further treatments. The Center I went to offered a hair free guarantee for one year after your last tx. So after my son was born I did have one last tx in October of 2002 which was just to quickly go over a few small areas that were missed.


are you in the chicago metro area? where did you get your laser done? any help would be great!