Gentlelase and Lightsheer settings...?


I’m set for an initial consultation and test patch this coming Friday and am interested in trying to understand the different settings that have been used with these two lasers to treat men’s chests and stomachs. I’ve got light skin and black hair (mostly coarse, but some fine). I haven’t been categorized on the chart yet because I have yet to have the consult yet…

If anyone can chime in with the applicable settings for these 2 lasers (joules, pulse width, spot size, etc.) relative to when they’ve been treated, I’m thinking that might be helpful for me as well as others here. If you can list your skin type and hair info along with the laser you were treated with and the applicable settings (oh, and body part too) it might be helpful in terms of aggregating the information for later reference (for me as well as others). Whether you’ve been happy with the results of said treatment would be useful info too, clearly…

I realize it won’t be totally scientific, but it seems like consolidating people’s experiences along with the empirical data available could only be helpful…


laser settings body part skin/hair

Gentlelase 35j/50ms chest/abdmn Fitz III/black

comments: 1st treatment. 90% regrowth after 2 weeks.

What do you guys think? Maybe it would make sense to add a sex (like male or female) column too…?


I have only had the Gentlelase used on me, but might be able to help. When I first started, I had very dense growth on my chest, abs, back and arms. I had all of these areas treated. The first treatment used a 15mm spot size and a 18 Joule fluence. The hair was so dense that this was all of the energy I could take (and the pain was still nearly unbearable). After multiple treatments, I have worked up to 25 J on my back (less sensitive) and 20 on arms, chest and abs. I am a Fitzpatrick Skin Type III.

Although you may be able to get an idea of what should be used on your skin type, you will not know until you go in for the treatment. Some people can handle pain better than others. I can tell you that although my settings were low at first, they did work. I have about 20% of the hair I started with on my back. I also have about 20% left on my chest and abs and the hair that grew back there came back much finer. It nearly looks like silk. The hair on my arms has also come back finer, but I have not noticed a significant decrease in hair density. I can probably attribute this to not having regularly spaced treatment intervals on my arms (I used to work outside and had a hard time staying out of the sun). I would definately recommend having a test spot done to determine what you can handle. Remember, with the Gentlelase, you will probably not shed the hair until 10-14 days. Depending on the area treated, you will have to wait at least 6 to 8 weeks to see the results (at 8 to 10 weeks I normally see regrowth on my chest). Good luck!


First treatment:

Apogee 40J 50ms. Chest/abs

50% regrowth 2 months after first treatment.

Last treatment:

Lightsheer ET 45J 100ms Chest/abs

30% regrowth (of remaining hair) after 8 months.

Hair was finer at time of Lightsheer treatment and the Lightsheer works better on fine hair than the Apogee. Finer hair is harder to treat. I find that 100ms was more effective than 30ms.