Gentlelase (alexandrite) - can it get finer hairs?

I am going to try the Gentlelase. I have type 2 maybe 3 skin and some dark face hairs I want to get rid of. In the areas where I tweezed for many years, on the chin, these hairs are coarse. In other areas, like sideburns, which I am just noticing in the past year or so, they are very fine and yet noticeable when I look in the mirror. A few on the upper lip are coarse, but mostly it is fine hairs, yet noticeable if I don’t keep it shaved.

The appointment booker said the LHR worked only on coarse, dark hair, not finer hair. But, is this correct? Has anyone had success with non-coarse hairs using the Gentlelase? If so, are there any recommendations for getting treated properly, like laser settings?

Any other experiences with Gentlelase appreciated as well.


Sorry I dont know enough about Gentlease but I do know that another laser (the Aurora) works good for finer hairs.

Maybe RJC2001 could elaboreate on his experience as he has had his arms or backs treated with the aurora.

Any idea where the Aurora is in britain. Ive had several treatments with the lightsheer, but now want to move onto tackling the finer hair.

look at the thread: Any UK clinics that use Aurora IPL? Recommend any UK clinics?

theyre discussing it here! no there arent any aurora places in the uk to the best of my knowledge