Gentle YAG

well i just got back with a treatment done with a gentleyag machine. the lady said she wanted to use the gentleLASE but that machine was not at the clinic today. i am afraid i was under treated. i have had 3 treatments with lightsheer and each time had major redness and swelling after treatment for 2 days or so. this time i had redness on upper lip for only 20 minutes! (i have full face treated.) it didn’t hurt very much, all i could feel was the cold blast hitting my face. she said she used 18mm spot and only 20J! isn’t 20 waaaay to low? i honestly look like nothing was done and it’s only been 3 hours since treatment? hellllp i hope i didn’t pay $320 for nothing! granted i told her i was nervous about being burned but she should have put the settings at something that would be effective! i don’t have a lot of money to do this and i don’t do it for fun… i am a female and am tired of shaving… i HAVE to do this!

oh and i am caucasian, very light skin but sensitive… so i think i’m a fitzpatrick II or III. and i was treated with lightsheer at 25J and 23J the last few times.

does anyone know good places in michigan with diode or alex. lasers? i’m having a hard time finding a place i’m comfortable with, there are too many!

This laser is not the most effective on your skin type, but if the hair was pretty coarse and dark, then it will work regardless. I would suggest she put you back on the GentleLASE machine, which is an alexandrite.

Joules are NOT comparable among various machines. 25 joules on LightSheer is actually pretty low for you, especially if the pulse was not short. 20 joules on the GentleYag is actually the max setting for the 18mm spot size.

My recommendation would be to use the GentleLASE at 20 joules and up from now on.

It’s too early to judge the effectiveness of the Yag. It’s generally less irritating as it’s meant for darker skin types. Tell us what happens in 3 weeks.

i have not had treatments on the gentleLASE yet but she did say that’s what she’d recommend for me. as far as the lightsheer settings, my face is very sensitive and the 25J was too painful and burned me a bit. the last time i had my chin and neck done at 23j and it worked great… i’m not sure if i should find a place that usues lightsheer again since i had such good results. do you know if the gentlelase is easier on the skin than the lightsheer? that’s the only complaint i have with the lightsheer, my skin and follicles get very red and swollen and i have pepper spots for a week+ after treatments. will the gentleyag give me pepperspots if it worked? (i am just shocked that my skin looks/feels like nothing was done.)

GentleLASE is the most effective laser, being a good alex. if she knows what she’s doing, you’ll get best results the fastest with it. it’s impossible to predict really how your skin will react. we also don’t know what pulse was used on the LightSheer at 25 joules. my recommendation would be to try the GentleLASE first before looking for another LightSheer provider.

Posted on other but maybe sould have here. Had 5 Alex treatments. Fitz II or III Brown and light brown, some gray areas. Having chest, neck, UA, bekini, buttocks, anal penile and test. Stomach loss of darkest and coursest, pleanty of finer dark left. one patch size of quarter in bekini area empty. other wise? The 10 hairs on my chest and 10? in my ears, seem same. two places with noticable numbers of gray. So to the point, how do I know what settings she is using, if hair is burnt dose that mean setting is high enough. If I cannot expect full clearance, when do I switch to electrolysis? My results are so minimal that it makes it dificult as to deside. If 5 more were to only get me this much again don’t think I’d be looking at much total loss? Started last Dec 5 or so. Just went for a consult for an elos radio frequency mix with Aurora and Galaxy? They are going to get back to me, since I have not so much hair and already some, they said normally would be 6oo to do areas under current. Im paying 250. This elos claims to even get gray but takes more treatments for gray and blonde. If I continue with same I can probably only go 2 more. This elos will probably still be to much. My friend Murphy stoped in and I lost a couple treatments due to unexpected. So am not trying to say Alex treatments have not been working. This transition period will come at some point no matter, correct? I will stop as I have posted else were so? Will look for some ones suggestion. You answered me a few last yr. Thanks

laser doesn’t work on blond or gray hair. do NOT sign up with those clinics with elos IPLs. they’re not effective and you will be dissappointed. GentleLASE is the most effective laser for you. those other places with those lasers won’t get you any better results. if you don’t get them with GentleLASE, you won’t get them with any other laser/IPL either. I’m assuming the Aurora clinic if the infamous chain, is it? it sounds like it by their sales tactics.

you should determine what is going wrong with these treatments. 5 is not enough, but you should be seeing results. to know if it’s effective, at the very least most of the hair treated should shed within 3 weeks. regardless of the settings, it will not work on any blond and gray hairs. electrolysis only for those. it’s impossible to tell you whether you were being undertreated unless you can find out what settings were used. also, since your hair is brown and light brown, you need higher settings especially on the lighter hair. but if you’re truly a type II, that shouldn’t be an issue. However, you shouldn’t expect great results on lighter hair. you should see the best results on the darkest coarsest hair. you should expect best results for bikini and underarms area. I would recommend electrolysis for the ears. That’s hard for laser to treat properly.

please call the clinic and ask for settings they used. For GentleLASE, you need to find out the joules used and spot size. Also, how often are they spacing treatment? are you seeing shedding?

also, please read the FAQs

I would also recommend not doing that many areas all at once. i would start with just bikini and underarms for example and go from there depending on what results you get.

just wanted to update quickly…

it is now week 2 and in the last several days i have finally noticed shedding. i was afraid that a yag at those settings would not work for me because of my skin type and because i had virtually NO irritation afterward, which is something i really liked because when i had treatments with lightsheer my face would swell and get very red and breakout and be extremely sensitive for over a week. i am considering having yag done again because of how gentle it was on my skin, but i will see how long/good the results are and perhaps ask the tech to turn up the settings a tad (there are some hairs that i dont think will shed.)

everytime i have a successful treatment with laser i am reminded of how amazing it is. overall, the dark hairs on my face have thinned out so much, probably 85% since i started, over the last 10 months and 4 treatments. i may have to finish up with electrolysis for the few hairs that are left, but for now, if i can use a laser that doesnt damage my skin i will try to ‘zap’ as many as possible because it is really working for me. i have never felt more confident than when i’m hairfree after laser treatments. it doesnt work well for everyone but it has for me and i’m so relieved and thankful.