Gentle Yag didnt work for me

I recently had a laser procedure done on my beard area with the gentle yag laser. I have betweeen type 3 and 4 skin (mediterranean-ish) and the RN used the laser at the second lowest power level (level 12 she told me).

One week after the treatment I have already had to shave the area as I normally do and have seen no noticeable results at all. IS this common? I’ve had lightsheer before and the hair stopped growing instantly after my treatement, although there was more pain and redness with that laser.

Does this mean the gentle yag wont work for me?.. or is it maybe that the settings were just too low to be effective? I was thinking about having them do another treatement at a higher level and if that doesnt work then maybe try the cool glide laser.


12 joules is pretty low, but even still, it’s hard to say only 1 weeks after the treatment. if the treated hair doesn’t fall out at the end of week 3, go back and have them retreat for free at higher settings.

I have only had diode and IPL but the hair continued to grow for weeks before it shed.

The laser on my beard left me with patches all over in the shape of the laser head. I would not recommend laser for the male beard. Especially if you are young.

Wow thats interesting…I was expecting that the hair would stop growing instantly since this is how I remember it working with light sheer, although that was 4 years ago and maybe I forgot.

I’m really determined to do my beard area though, among other regions. I have every conceiveable shaving problem imaginable: ingrown hairs, razor rash, razor burn, etc. But I do plan to be cautious and I wont let the RN turn up the joules too high if there’s any chance of getting laser burns on my face.

The patches should go away with successive treatments though right? I bought a package of 12 treatments, which should be more than enough, I’m hoping.

patches are avoidable is you use high energy from the beginning and the tech is very careful to spend a lot of time covering and overlapping every single area. You won’t get burned easily with a GentleYAG laser, so you shouldn’t have problems going up to 18-20 joules at least in this case with your skin type. I would at least do some test spots at settings at least that high.

Ok, i’m about to plunk down cheunk of mmoney for a year of unlimted treatments and I have narrowed it down to 2 different clinics offering similar prices.

I have what I think is type 4 skin (see my pic attached) and I thought the gentle YAG laser would be right for me, but after my first treatement of the beard area there have been no signs of hair falling out after 1.5 weeks. They offered to give me another treatement free, but maybe the laser isnt right for me? the other clinic said that I would get better results with their gentle lase alexandrite and she recommended using that over a Yag.

Any advice on what laser to choose. Or should I maybe ask for a trial with the GentleLase?

you should get results with a Yag too. most likely the settings were too low. You looks pretty tanned, which means pretty low settings would have to be used with GentleLASE. I would try the Yag again, on coarse hair it should work well. What type of Yag was it? What is the GentleYag? If yes, they should be using at least 18-20 joules. If it was another Yag, it would be in the 40-50 range.

It was a Gentle YAG and they used 12 joules so I will ask them to raise the level for the next treatements. they already said they would give me a free treatement to make up for the 12 joules one. I have pretty coarse hair where i want it removed and I know Yag isnt as effective with fine hair, so that shouldnt apply to me. I was jsut afraid of buying a year of treatements at a place that only has a YAG laser in case it turns out that it doesnt work for me.


GentleYag works, they just need to use appropriate settings. If you ever don’t experience at least 80% shedding, go back for a free reshoot.