Genital Electrolysis Tips

Hi all, i will shortly be starting on a client on her pubic area. This will be my first pubic area clearance… is there any advice for this specific area? All comments appreciated

Thank you

If you are an electrologist, you can join the AEA Facebook site and read comments and suggestions about this specific area there. You can ask for help as well. There are great UK electrologists that are members of this group and you could contact them. You need a Facebook page and the moderator will add you to the group as long as she can confirm that you are really an electrologist.

I would advise your client to take the most effective pain relief she can in staggered doses prior to commencing on the day of treatment.
Eg. Paracetamol and Ibuprofen staggered. NOT together and, of course, only if she is able to take these.
A good topical is advisable as well.
This is not because the treatment is so, so painful…more because the treatment can be long and sensitivity builds and can force the job to stop before the clearance is achieved.
Lots of your favourite aftercare lotion as well, applied as you go.
Hope this helps.
June x

Thanks June and Dee, im now on the AEA group on facebook too, so glad there is a group like this and hairshoot around!!